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POC and conservative, Part I

20 Mar

The short version:

  • In December 2008 I was a democrat who voted for Obama.
  • In 2012 I voted for no one.
  • In 2016 I changed my registration to Republican so I could vote for Donald Trump in the primaries.


Obama promised us the world. The media fawned all over him. (The media wouldn’t lie, would it?) We believed it all. Here was change coming! All in!

By 2012 none of the changes or promises had come. Black income was down. The plight of people of color had gotten worse. Far worse.

And by 2016 it was obvious they weren’t going to come. Democrat-run cities like Chicago and Detroit were war zones. Black people killing each other (and swept under the rug.) And illegal immigrants were getting all the benefits and money and support that had been redirected away from black and other minority CITIZENS.

Let me tell you something maybe you didn’t know. Did you happen to see that video floating around of Hillary Clinton calling young black people ‘super predators’? That took place during the push for her husband’s 1994 Crime Bill- one that took focus off rehabilitation and poured black people into prison.  Did you know that? After that bill, every one of your play cousins spent time in jail. Your uncles did. It took fathers away from families, making black families poorer and removing their mentors and role models and incomes. Now I am NOT saying that anyone who commits crimes should be let free, no. But the Clinton Crime Bill put more minorities in jail than whites for the same offenses and levels of offenses.

That’s what democrats did for you. They ruined our families and ruined our towns. They kept promising all along they’d make things better for you. They gave you the first black president, and what did he do? Not a damn thing. Imagine, such an amazing opportunity.  You are the leader of the free world and you have more power than anyone. More privilege than anyone. Oh if you look at the media they will say he accomplished things. But you haven’t felt it, because he didn’t do any of those things for you.

They say he rescued the economy. Do you have a job? Do you have income?

Now, here’s the kicker. You’re not getting those benefits that you were promised. Those benefits are going to illegal immigrants. YOU’RE an American citizen, but your benefits and your jobs are going to illegal immigrants.’s another one. When YOU commit a crime, you’re going to jail. That Clinton Crime bill makes sure of it.  But when an illegal immigrant commits a crime, they won’t go to jail, they will just get deported (if the ICE can catch them). And they get to go to a “Sanctuary City” to be protected against deportation.

YOU are the American citizen. But the liberals and democrats have pushed you to the curb. You don’t exist in numbers large enough to be useful to them anymore. The influx of illegal immigrants is bigger in number than you are, so they want THEIR votes. You don’t matter to democrats. You been kicked.

Before you disagree or discount this, watch this first:





Not Black Enough

10 Jun

As a mixed race person, I’ve often been told Im ‘not black enough’.  They don’t mean my color, since I’m plenty black. They mean my ‘soul’, that I don’t think how they think a black person should think.  (but come on, every African American in America by now has white in them, so)

We aren’t kind to each other. Our crab-basket mentality keeps ourselves down. If one of us gets a good job and tries to improve then its ‘He actin white’.  If we work to improve our communities, work within the systems then its ‘coon’ or ‘uncle tom’.

But these ideas are put in our heads. They aren’t originally ours.  They have been put there by benevolent racism of the democrats. In 1963, the democrats realized they were on the wrong side of history.  Their generations of enslaving us, their decades of Jim Crow, their KKK and their segregation, were coming to an end.  So they threw us a bone in the form of the Civil Rights Act.


Yes, he said that. And we bought it because it was free money.  Before that moment in time, we had healthy black communities. Our fathers were with their families. We might have received maltreatment from some, BUT we were strong ourselves.  Did you ever hear about black wall street?


Yeah, that was us.  We had our own stores. Our own churches, restaurants, businesses and banks. We had our own schools, our own stores.  We had black Republican congressmen. We had healthy communities.

(And democrats burned Black Wall Street out, btw.)

I’m coming to terms with this. I’ve been a life-long democrat because of the civil rights act.  No republican ever owned a slave. The Republican party was formed to end slavery, and Abraham Lincoln was its first president. Democrats got so angry at the end of slavery, that they shot the president.  The democrats formed the KKK. The democrats made Jim Crow laws. The democrats fought de-segregation. Every responsible black person through those decades was republican.  We were strong.  And Dr. King, republican, made us stronger.

See in 1963, the democrats started handing out money. Welfare made our fathers WORTH LESS than the government.  The father started to become absent from black families. If the government can give you more than your husband, why have a husband? We let the democrats un-man our men.  Benevolent racism is when the democrats tell you, that you NEED them or you can’t make it on your own. Disguised racism is when the democrats tell you that you NEED them because you’ll never be a success without them. Subversive racism is when the democrats tell you to hate the people who believe you can succeed on your own.

At this point in time, I understand that its a lie that the democrats and republicans switched platforms and ideologies. No, Republicans have always understood that a man can only be a man if he stands on his own two feet. We don’t need taken care of. We have let ourselves be lied to.  Democrat run cities are becoming nightmares. Democrat policies have made us weak and dependent on handouts.  Democrats have ‘helped’ us, in return for votes. Votes that they do nothing with. The promised returns on our votes, never comes.


Worth Listening to Liberaltaria

12 Jan

Why would a liberal stop ‘believing in’ gun control?

The better question is, why would a liberal believe in gun control to begin with?  If you begin from the premise that the government is corrupt and sometime in the future we may need to protect ourselves from its worst, then you must support the 2nd Amendment as written.

If you believe that the people need to make the government, not the other way round, then you must support the 2nd Amendment as written.

If you believe that everyone has a right to protect themselves, and you may not want to use that right, but you don’t want to stop another law abiding citizen from using theirs, then you must support the 2nd Amendment.

If you believe that women should not be victims, but you acknowledge that there are criminals who would prey upon them, then you must support the 2nd Amendment.

If you believe we can not tell what the future will hold, if you believe that some unsavory dictator could sometime come to power, if you believe the worst fascist Republican ever may some day hold the highest position in the land and abuse that power, then you must uphold the 2nd Amendment.