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What about that 50 Shades stuff?

26 Feb

Did you read it?  Is it hopefully dying now?  Is the hype going to come back with the movie?

Do we think that 50 Shades was the only BDSM fiction?  Have you gone looking for more?  Have you tried anything kinky yet?  Did you get your husband or your wife or your SO to blindfold you because of 50 Shades?  Was it electric? Or was it strange?  Have you been tied up yet?  Did the book make you want to be dominant or submissive in a nonchalant way or did your blood quicken as you thought ‘EUREKA!’ this is what I am!

All questions!  All questions and no answers.  What did you find erotic about it?  Are BDSM people broken?  With the movie Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader, didn’t it seem that they were both broken and only became whole when they were with each other to act on their baser desires and interesting needs?

Are BDSM people broken?  Do their warranties lapse?  Are their childhoods warped from the beginning or does something spark their less normal interests?  If normal sex is vanilla, does BDSM sex cover the rainbow from Red to Violet?  What’s the best way to begin?  Do you hook yourself up to an e-stim box for a forced electric orgasm?  Or just get out the silk scarves to be tied to the bedstead?  Do you furry?  Get a pacifier?  Contact any warm body on  Outside of the book it seems too large and too varied.  In the book it seemed confined and safe, a little bit of exploration at a time.

In spite of all the lip-biting, breast-heaving, brow-scowling, it ignited the passions of many,  many people as if it were a magic wand waved in their direction rather than a piece of poorly written fan-fiction gone wild.  Perhaps because of it, we’ll peer into the glass, or pull back the curtains of kink and see what the more adventurous crowd has loved about it all along.  Perhaps we’ll find some of its messages were actually meant for us.